Vault Removals

Removal and relocation or destruction of walk in vaults small and large is a task that can require great care to not only the property itself however, also for the workers involved in carrying out the work. Bank vault doors weigh a tonne and require specialist equipment to dismantle and move as with all heavy materials of such nature. Our team of vault experts will tackle tasks of all sizes, no matter where the vault location is or how awkward the spacing or layout may be within the building.

Commercial Bank Vault Door Relocation

With the weight and size of vault doors you'll be requiring a team of professionals with the experience and equipment to disassemble, move and relocate to a destination of choice. Although we are based in Leicester, we do take on jobs Nation-wide to cover the whole of England, if you are located in Birmingham, London or further afield, not to worry, we'll certainly be able to help move your vault door.

It may be the case that you've moved into an ex-bank building, and the vault room still remains intact. At this time you may not have the funds available to remove the whole setup, so you could opt to remove the door to allow for easier movement into the room so that the space can be used with ease. We can handle all requirements that you may have, call us to discuss.

  • Removal of Vault Doors
  • Relocation of Vault Doors
  • Vault Experts Support
  • Destruction, or Relocation of Vault Setup
  • Bank Vault Door Removal
  • Vaults of all sizes and types

Commercial Bank Vault Room Setup Relocation

If you are a retail or specialist jewellery company, pharmaceutical company or a bank, you may want to relocate to another building at some point in the future, our vault specialists can disassemble and relocate your full vault room setup including it's door to the new location, we can handle every aspect of your vault relocation and communicate with any third-parties at the new location to coordinate the move to go smoothly as possible.