uPVC Window Repairs Leicester

Are your windows suffering from condensation or difficulty opening and closing or even unlocking? you'll be happy to read that your windows will be repairable and at an affordable price. It's best practise to maintain your windows so any sign of condensation, failed seals, flimsy handles, difficulty unlocking you'll want to replace those parts as soon as possible so the problem doesn't become too severe. To have your windows repaired, it's a far more affordable solution than to have them replaced. Remember a well maintained window will not only look excellent, it will also keep them operating safely and secure.

Repair Services

  • Double Glazing Repairs
  • Double glazed windows can develop problems over a period of time, but in most cases all can be resolved by replacing parts. Condensation between the glass panels or a broken handle, these type of problems are repairable.
  • Handles
  • Handles are a part which receive continuous use on a daily basis, so it's an obvious one that these type of parts can fail over time, signs can include flimsiness or difficulty operating it, though not to worry these are easily replaced.
  • Cylinder Locks
  • From snapped keys within the cylinder to dysfunctional cylinders, we will be able to resolve all problems that you're having. We stock and replace all window cylinders.
  • Hinges
  • We supply and fit all hinges for all windows, hinges wear with age and become problematic if suffered an impact or force.
  • Mechanism
  • This is one of the most common requirements with window repairs, you'll be glad to know we stock, supply mechanisms for all window types, any problems locking/unlocking or something catching, we can diagnose the problem for you.
  • Case Gearbox
  • The case gearbox is another common part that can become faulty, if you are experiencing any problems remember we can diagnose the problem for you.
  • Draughts & Leaks
  • Broken seals, misaligned units, we'll be able to diagnose where your draughts or leaks are coming from.
  • Additional Parts
  • Window hooks, cables and safety products available for all windows, please call to discuss.

Replacement Parts

If you cannot find the part that you require mentioned on our website, you need not worry, we supply parts for all windows and provide free quotations at all times, please e-mail or call us to discuss your requirements and in most cases we'll be able to give you a price over the phone unless you require for us to diagnose a problem prior which then we can visit and provide a no obligation, no pressure free quotation.

Affordable And Reliable

Having been in the trade for many of years, working in all aspects of the trade, we have built an excellent reputation with our local customers. Our first priority is the customer service that you receive, with that you'll reliability, quality workmanship, affordable rates, an all round friendly approach from all of our team, and not to forget under no circumstance will there be any pressure on you to take our services.

Emergency 24 Hour Window Repairs

If you been one of many unlucky persons that have had windows broken by vandalism or damaged by burglars, you'll be glad to know we are on standby 24 hours a day to repair all windows that may require attention by a professional. If we cannot repair your window there and then in the unfortunate case, we'll not leave your property vulnerable, we will temporary board your window until the window can be repaired, read more about our window boarding service.

We Fix All Windows

Don't forget, the window repair service we provide is not limited to uPVC, with our knowledge at hand we are capable of troubleshooting all types of problems on all type of windows, to include wood and aluminium framed windows. No matter what material your windows may be, we'll certainly be able to help with the problems you are experiencing.