uPVC Door Repairs in Leicestershire

Our team are highly trained in the trade and specialise in all aspects of doors and locks, uPVC doors are prone to malfunction at some point down the line which can happen over a long period of time, when doors haven't been taken care of and maintained. That may be flimsy handles, difficulty to lock/unlock the door, sticking whilst opening the door, misalignment issues etc. all these problems can be resolved without the need to purchase a new door. First you need a professional to assess the problem, this is what we can do, and our customer service is no pressure, no hard sales at all times, we give genuine advice only to our customers.

We can visit your property to assess the door that's experiencing problems, and provide a hassle free no pressure quote, in most cases we can discuss and quote over the phone there and then. Call 0116 442 2383 to discuss your door problems with us.

Repair Services

  • Handles
  • Flimsy handles? don't ignore, it may leave your door vulnerable.
  • Cylinder Locks
  • Wrong sized locks make your door vulnerable to break ins, lock snapping.
  • Hinges
  • Loose or damaged hinges cause misalignment which over a course of time will cause further overall damage.
  • Mechanism
  • Faulty mechanisms are a common problem within uPVC doors, a professional can fix this for you.
  • Case Gearbox
  • Mechanism or Case Gearbox, if it's faulty, we can replace it, we stock parts for all uPVC door repairs.

24 Hour uPVC Door Repairs

The experts within our team are on call 24 hours a day to attend all emergency door repairs required whether that be after a break-in or just a failed mechanism preventing you to unlock your door. Not to worry, we'll arrive quickly and fix the problem.