Master Key Systems Leicester

No need for hundreds of keys! Master key systems are the solution to organise and manage whom has what access to areas within your building. Every business premises has it's own specific requirements depending upon the type of business being run. Many require restricted areas within the building, which only certain employees that have been assigned a key, can access specific rooms or levels. Keys can be assigned to care takers, cleaners, security guards, team leaders, managers, all having access to only areas they have clearance for. With this in mind there is also a master key that will access all areas which are suited to the highest level of staff in case of emergencies that could accrue without warning.

Designed For Your Building

We have specialists within our team that will take the time to really understand your business within and needs for controlling access within your team. Master key systems can be designed in various forms and with size of the company in mind and the layout of the building. Small businesses may require a simple yet effective master key solution or for the more commercial sized companies they may require a little something on the more complex side, we are certainly able to design a master key system specifically to your requirements.

  • Schools, Colleges, Universities
  • NHS, Hospitals, Doctors
  • Care Homes
  • Government, Local Authorities
  • Retail Shops, Offices
  • Private Organisations
  • Power Plants
  • Multiple Locations

Having a master key system in place will resolve all key management issues within your business, but not only that! it'll help increase security throughout your building. There are many options available with the parts that we can use, including cylinder types and keys, which we will discuss and present to you in person giving you the best options available that will be most suited to your business.

Master Keys for Residential

Master key systems aren't just for commercial use, they can be an excellent choice for housing of multiple occupants including student living accommodation or private housing management, Discount Locksmiths Leicester will be able to work with you to design the perfect key solution suited to your requirements, and for budgets of all sizes.