Safe And Vault Opening Repairs

In addition to various safe and vault services our engineers specialise in, we provide safe and vault opening and repair service to commercial customers nation-wide. If you are having difficulty in opening your safe or vault or forgotten your combination, or the lost key, our engineers will do their utmost to re gain entry without damage, or if in the unfortunate circumstance it's not possible with manipulation, minimal damage openings are last resort.

Generally most safes and vaults are returned to standard service after opening and repaired, so long as the correct techniques are utilised during the process, you'll be glad to read our safe and vault engineers will advise you prior to carrying out any work giving you the best options available.

At first it is important to take a photo of the front of the safe or vault, plus around the door area from different angles and send across to us, then our specialists can take a look to determine the make and model, and appropriate information that our experts will require to move forward with your requests. Our engineers will ask certain questions about your safe or vault to understand the situation or problem that you are having with it, that way they can decide on the appropriate action to take.

Our specialists have a vast experience in bank vaults, ATMs and all safes within homes and business premises, our team have the knowledge at hand to carefully open and repair your safe or vault returning it back to it's original state.

Safe and Vault Services

These are some of the most common requests we receive for safe and vaults mainly from commercial customers throughout the UK.

  • Security Safe Opening and Repairs
  • Jewellers Vault Opening and Repairs
  • Bank Vault Opening and Repairs
  • ATM Opening and Repairs
  • Combination Changes