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Discount Locksmiths Leicester, a Leicestershire Locksmiths company, have been suggested by the POLICE on many occasions, we are known for our reliability and providing friendly customer service 24 hours a day whilst continuously maintaining our company within to provide the best prices in Leicester at all times.

Our locksmith Leicester team are dedicated to provide services throughout the day and night, this we are proud to offer our residential and commercial customers in the heart of Leicester City, a reliable and affordable locksmith service, whether this is for an emergency locksmith Leicester call out to let you back into your home or commercial premises after losing your keys, or if in the unfortunate circumstance a burglary we will come and secure your property and provide a complete lock change there and then. Please call our 24/7 locksmith Leicester team on 0116 442 2383 any time day or night, weekends and bank holidays.

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Areas Covered By Our Locksmith Leicester Team

Areas For Locksmiths in Leicester

Our locksmiths in Leicester are based pretty much central in the City of Leicester, having several advantages in the locksmith Leicester industry, with an excellent team on call 24 hours a day which makes it possible for our locksmiths, safe & vault and door specialists to attend to your needs at all times. Under most circumstances our locksmiths can be with you within 15 minutes of calling to ensure you will not be left waiting for long, whether you are a residential customer or commercial, you may count on us at all times..

Although our locksmith Leicester team serve a large amount of customers around the inner parts of Leicester, we do make it a high priority to extend our coverage outside of the City to towns further out to include Coalville, Loughborough, Birstall, Oakham, Kegworth and Market Harborough, if you find that your town isn't listed, you need not worry, give our friendly locksmith team a call today on and we'll certainly be able to help you with your requirements. 0116 442 2383

Emergency Locksmiths In Leicester - 24 Hour

Telephone for Emergency Locksmith Leicester

For those unfortunate emergency situations related to doors, the first person you'll most likely be wanting to call is a locksmith, finding a locksmith that is available 24 hours can be some what difficult to find. Here at Discount Locksmiths Leicester our first priority is our customers well being, at all times of the day and night. We have a reliable and affordable team on standby serving all areas of Leicester and surrounding areas. Our team is not just made up of highly trained locksmiths, within the Discount locksmiths Leicester team we have locksmiths to serve both residential and commercial customers, we have safe and vault specialists, we have door and window experts, we are able to handle every requirement that you may have, be that for residential or commercial, new parts, new doors, new windows, door and window repairs and more.

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Free Quote on Locksmith Services

With the Discounts Locksmiths Leicester team providing an extensive range of locksmith Leicester services throughout Leicestershire, we'll certainly be able to fulfil every requirement you may have, whether you are a Residential or Commercial customer, we provide our full range of services to all.

Our locksmith team are highly trained in all aspects of the trade, to include repairing of all doors and windows, home and commercial safes and vaults No matter what your requirements may be, the team at Discount Locksmiths Leicester will fulfil all of your expectations and beyond.

Locksmiths in Leicester need not be expensive, we take appropriate measures within our company which enables us to provide a more than affordable discount locksmiths to our customers in Leicester whether you are a residential or commercial customer.

The prices we quote over the phone to you for our locksmith Leicester services will certainly be the price that you will pay, there are NO HIDDEN fees whilst working with the Discount Locksmiths Leicester company, we are QUICK TO ARRIVE being a 24 hour local locksmith company, all with quality workmanship standards and customer service, you will be well looked after.

0116 442 2383

Our Locksmith Leicester Services

Residential Locksmith Services

Our Residential locksmith services are available to home owners and tenants living in Leicester, ranging from non-destructive door opening if you find yourself locked out, to a simple lock change or even uPVC door repairs, you'll be glad to know Discount Locksmiths Leicester can cater for all your requirements no matter how small or large the job may be. Our Locksmiths are trained to handle all tasks and requests.

  • Lock Change
  • Just moved house? or lost keys? peace of mind? we can change a single lock or the whole lot.
  • Bedroom Door Lock
  • Suitable for Uni Students, House Shares, Tenants, or just for peace of mind in your own home.
  • uPVC Door Repairs
  • We can fix all uPVC doors, including faulty handles, hinges or even the lock mechanism within.
  • Garage Locks
  • Lost your keys or moved home? we can change your garage lock for peace of mind.
  • Lock Upgrades
  • It may be that your door has been previously fitted with wrong sized locks or just not up to date, we can advise on the latest best locks to use to prevent lock snapping and alike.
  • Home Safes
  • Having a safe in your home can be a good idea for times you need to lock away important documents, cash, or laptop, whether you are out during the day or away on holiday, talk to our locksmith Leicester team for safe advice, we can supply and fit a variety of home safes.
  • Home Alarm
  • If you could have one overall deterrent to choose from for your home, it'd have to be an alarm, our locksmith Leicester team can advise on the best home alarm to buy for your budget, we can also supply and fit if you prefer.
  • Garage Doors
  • Our garage door specialists can supply and fit all types of garage doors to include electric roller shutter doors, or the standard garage door, why not call us for a quote?.
  • Shed Security
  • We have a few techniques to strengthen sheds, please call or e-mail to discuss the options available.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Discount Locksmiths Leicester services are not restricted to residential customers, we regularly serve a range of commercial and industrial clients throughout Leicester, trade rates are available to trade customers, including estate agents, property management agents, retail high street stores, university's, government entities, hotels and more.

Please call or e-mail our locksmith team to discuss your requirements so that we can provide a trade quote accordingly.

  • Lock Change
  • Suitable for locksmith Leicester contractors, property developers, estate agents and more.
  • Bedroom Door Lock
  • Good for Property Letters, House Share Developers, housing agents etc.
  • uPVC Door Repairs
  • uPVC Handles, Hinges, Mechanisms, we'll fix it for you.
  • Shop Roller Shutter Doors
  • On standby we have roller shutter door experts, ready to advise, supply and fit all types of doors for shops.
  • Safe
  • Discounts Locksmiths Leicester have a safe specialist on standby, travels to all locations around the Country, expertise in bank vault, safes, cash machines, every professional safe known to exist, our safe specialist can work with all.
  • Safe Opening
  • Our safe specialist can open safes of all types, contact us with your requirements.
  • Vault Opening, Repairs
  • Vault Door Removals
  • Emergency Doors
  • Our locksmiths are trained in all emergency doors, and can supply and fit, emergency push bars, push pads, fire safety mechanism, call to discuss.
  • Locksmith Leicester Contracts
  • We can provide contracts for long term partners, on lock change, door opening and other locksmith services. Please call us to discuss your requirements.

UPVC Door Repairs Leicester

It's quite common to find vulnerabilities in UPVC doors accruing over time, which to the normal person can be overlooked very easily with no thought to what the security implications could be. Vulnerabilities can range from weak handles that are loose, wrong sized lock cylinders that stick out more than they should do, or even badly fitted UPVC doors (it has been known to happen).

Our Locksmith team can advise you on ways you can improve the security to your UPVC doors, also known as patio doors and french doors, whether it's an upgrade to a more secure type of lock cylinder or replacement parts such as handles or the lock mechanism itself.

Need your uPVC door repaired? we can assess your door.

Call today on 0116 442 2383, genuine advice from our Locksmith Door Experts.

Locked Out? in Leicestershire?

Locked out In Leicestershire

If you have ever been locked out of your home or business, you'll know it's an extremely stressful time, should you break in your self (we see it way too often) or should you wait for a professional locksmith Leicester to pick lock one of several doors, of course you should wait it out and let the professional locksmiths in Leicester get you back in without damage to your property. If you take matters into your own hands, you'll end up costing yourself more in repairs and new parts than it will cost for a locksmith to get you back in.

At any point you find yourself in this situation you are welcome to give Discount Locksmiths Leicester team a call to receive a free instant quote over the phone, we're certain you'll be more than glad to hear our prices are reasonable for all times of the day and night.

Pay our Locksmith Leicester Team by card

No cash? not to worry, our locksmiths in Leicester now accept payments easily and securely through all major credit + debit cards. Lost your wallet, purse and keys? simply have your family or friend call to pay over the phone on behalf of you.

Customer Testimonials

  • Made a mistake of shutting the door with my keys inside, quick response and cheaper price than all the rest with the discount locksmiths Leicester team thanks again

    - Leicester University

    Service: Locksmith Leicester

  • We had a lock change throughout of our new home for peace of mind, cheapest price from discount locksmiths Leicester which suited us with being on a budget.

    - Leicester City

    Service: Locksmith Leicester

  • Brilliant locksmith service all round, thanks for the discount!

    - Leicester

    Service: Locksmith Leicester

  • Discount locksmiths Leicester sent a locksmith out right away to replace the lock on our garage after a break-in, top service! thanks

    - Leicester

    Service: Locksmith Leicester

  • Thanks for re-gaining access to our property! quick and efficient!

    - Leicester

    Service: Locksmith Leicester

  • I'm a student on a low budget, so I shopped around for a locksmith that could let me back into my home, more effort on my part but it didn't take me long to find discount locksmiths Leicester, thanks again for the speedy service.

    - Leicester

    Service: Locksmith Leicester

  • Wow so glad I found these people, we've secured a deal on lock changes for our rented properties long-term, very reliable locksmith service.

    - Leicester

    Service: Locksmith Leicester

  • Needed a locksmith, found the Discount Locksmith guys, they did the work perfectly well.

    - Leicester

    Service: Locksmith Leicester

  • The locksmith that came out to me did the work as agreed, a lock change on front and back door, price and service was good.

    - Leicester

    Service: Locksmith Leicester

  • Brilliant locksmith help received from this company, professional and take great care of their customers, just brilliant! thanks

    - Leicester

    Service: Locksmith Leicester

  • After loosing our keys on the way home from a night night we were pretty stuck on what to do, it was difficult to find a locksmith open in the middle of the night, but these guys answered right away and the price was reasonable so we went with them, professional customer service.

    - Leicester

    Service: 24 Hour Locksmith Leicester

  • Top customer service from this company, arrived quickly as promised over the phone, couldn't have asked for a better service. Thank you.

    - Leicester

    Service: Locksmith Leicester

  • Got me back in my home in the middle of the night, I work night shifts so I can appreciate this company being 24 hours, fast and professional. Cheers

    - Leicester

    Service: 24 Hour Locksmith Leicester

  • I had a good experience with this locksmith company, they knew what they were doing and got the job done, happy with the overall service.

    - Leicester

    Service: Locksmith Leicester

  • It's difficult to know what companies to choose these days for this type of work, I was recommended by a friend to check this one out, very reliable and on time, keep up the good work!

    - Leicester

    Service: Locksmith Leicester

  • Well because we had been broken into, the police actually suggested a few locksmith companies that have been known to provide a good service, I spoke with the person at this company and with them providing helpful advice and the price being reasonable for the time of night, we went with them and would happily use their services again, just under different circumstances though!

    - Leicester

    Service: Locksmith Leicester

  • Had a lock change done on our new home, all finished in good time and well priced.

    - Leicester

    Service: Locksmith Leicester

  • Upvc door repaired by the discount locksmith team, the door had problems for ages so happy it's fixed now!

    - Leicester

    Service: Locksmith Leicester

  • Great idea to provide a discount locksmith service, it's a massive help to the people of Leicester, keep up the good work!

    - Leicester

    Service: Locksmith Leicester

Our Services Include

Security Tips by our Locksmith Leicester Team

Because our locksmith Leicester team cover all aspects of security, we'd like to offer a few simple checks for your home and garden. You'll be surprised that some of the simplest of security methods can be the most effective preventions. We hope you find our security tips useful for adding to your current security setups. If you require any further advice or have any questions on how to better your security please send us an e-mail, the Discount Locksmiths Leicester team are waiting to hear from you!.

Garden Security Leicester

Starting from the outside of your home, our locksmith Leicester team will recommend to carry out a few checks for vulnerabilities around your property, starting with over-grown out of control bushes and greeneries; by having overgrown greeneries, it could be providing heaps of cover for potential burglars to attempt a break-in resulting in giving them plenty of time to go about it, whereas if you have the right balance between a clear sight and privacy you could prevent giving them less of an opportunity to even make an attempt.

Having now resolved overgrown greeneries, it's time to have some lighting installed, outside lights can be bought locally or on-line for very reasonable prices, many sellers providing discount, perfect for on a budget. The type of lighting required, often called a floodlight, would be those which consist of a bright light and a motion sensor, so it's activated when an intruder attempts to step into areas outside of doors, windows and even further afield. You may have a garden which could justify installation of two floodlights, everybody has different requirements. For people that would like to benefit from the energy saving options, there are floodlights available that come operated by solar panels which are extremely cost efficient.

If you require direct advice or need help to install floodlights or to resolve vulnerabilities please call our locksmith team on 0116 442 2383.

Whilst keeping in mind we have covered over-grown bushes and installation of a flood light, depending on the layout of your garden you may have other obstacles around which may be providing unwanted cover, it's worth recognising what could be a potential vulnerability, ideally you want to eliminate unlit parts of your garden.

If your garden has a 6ft wooden fence, likely you will have a wooden gate, fit this with a quality two-way lock, and fit an optional bolt on the inside which can be combined with an alarmed padlock for during the night time, or times you not constantly in and out using the gate.

So just to re-cap on what we have covered in this garden security section.

  • Eliminate Over-grown Bushes.
  • Installation of Floodlights.
  • Gates: Two-way lock, inside Bolt with Alarmed Padlock.
  • CCTV.

Shed Security Leicester

Focusing on your shed security our locksmiths have made some recommendations, if you own a shed, you'll have likely filled it full of expensive gardening equipment, bicycles and alike, simply, a standard padlock isn't going to cut it, you'll be glad to read there are cost effective ways to prevent shed break-ins, often enough the simplest of deterrents can turn out to be well worth the effort and small amount paid out.

First of all, lets start with the inside, this will be the prevention that'll come unexpected to the burglar, a battery operated portable alarm with motion sensor and remote can be picked up brand new for a very reasonable price. Position the sensor to cover the door and the window too if one exists. These alarms tend to be be capable of 110 Degrees of scanning area and be 105db which is extremely loud, so it's something that'll be sure to draw attention from neighbours to look out.

Secondly, you'll want to fit a heavy duty hasp and staple latch lock combined with an alarmed padlock, your shed at this time is now protected by two alarms one inside and one outside.

Now these are just two shed burglary prevention methods you can try out which will cost you very little in money and time, you could also implement strengthened door hinges with a bit of extra effort, along with a heavy duty horizontal security bar with heavy duty padlocks. Depending on what your shed contains, if it is home to a motorcycle you could possibly fit a t-bar security post as an extra precaution, this can be cemented into the ground and complimented with heavy duty padlock.

  • 105db Portable Alarm with Motion Sensor.
  • Heavy Duty Hasp and Staple latch lock.
  • Alarmed padlock.
  • Strengthened Door Hinges.
  • Heavy duty horizontal Security Bar.
  • Heavy duty Padlocks for Security Bar.
  • T-bar Security Post.

Garage Security Leicester

We have covered the shed security protection to a certain extent, similar devices are available for use in the garage at affordable prices, many can be found whilst on a budget at discount rates, again there are protection methods for both inside and outside of the garage. Our locksmiths are keen to promote and make suggestions to help your overall security preventions. If you have any questions for us then please do send our locksmith Leicester team an e-mail.

There are upgrade options available for garage locks which we can supply and our locksmith can professionally fit. Call on 0116 442 2383.

Available for your garage door are several security prevention options, one of which is called a garage door defender, this defender device is placed on the outside ideally central at the bottom of the door. The Garage door defender is just one prevention method for the outside. If you keep motorcycles and other expensive items within your garage you'll be wanting to do what you can to prevent any burglary, at-least make it very difficult for it to happen. Another suggestion would be to implement two security bars at the top corners on the inside of your garage, this prevention method will obviously only work if you do have a another door to access the garage, but it is a good one if possible!, if this one is possible for you, we do highly recommend you to secure the second door appropriately, and also include a hasp and staple latch lock with an alarmed padlock.

In your garage it'll be worth while to fit at-least two portable alarms with motion sensors, if you are unable to spend out on an alarm system with multiple sensors and text message, SMS notification ability, going straight to your mobile phone.

  • Upgrade Garage Locks.
  • Garage Door Defender.
  • Inside of Garage Door install two security bars, top corners.
  • Strengthen and Secure other external doors.
  • Hasp and Staple latch lock external doors.
  • Alarmed Padlock for Hasp and Staple.
  • x2 Portable Alarms.
  • Alarm with multiple sensors and text/sms function.

Drive Way Security Leicester

If you are owner to an expensive, luxury car, you'll want to add extra security to your drive way, the more expensive a car is, the more of a target you become, and these days it's not uncommon for would-be burglars to attempt to break-in to your home for the keys. We do not say this to scare you, it's unfortunate and can be a devastating experience for some, it's a topic that should be spoken more of to prevent the attempt of such thing taking place. Be sure to fit an Alarm Box outside the front of your home with an active LED light and take appropriate measures to secure your doors and windows.

Our locksmith Leicester team recommend to fit two t-bar security posts with heavy duty padlocks, this will slow down an attempt made, and will act as a great deterrent.

  • T-bar security posts, at-least two.
  • CCTV.

Motorcycle Security Leicester

A majority of us bikers do not have the luxury of a garage or shed, so therefore must do what we can to protect our pride and joy! being a locksmith opens our eyes to the endless possibilities in all things security, so we like to share ideas of prevention to suit a variety of people. Within our locksmith Leicester team are keen bikers, we too share the difficulty in keeping our bikes secure, the more prevention methods you use, the harder you make it for them to succeed.

Number one must have, a heavy duty chain and padlock, carefully research via Google for the best chain, and you MUST check and search Youtube for the best motorcycle chain, you'll be surprised with what you can find, there are UK makers of chains on Youtube demonstrating their chains compared to other brands. Worth a look!.

You'll want to invest in a t-bar security post for sure, ideally position your bike against your property wall, which will enable you to block your motorcycle in securely with the t-bar security post. It's a tried and tested method that is proven to be an extremely good deterrent. Remember, fit your motorcycle with an alarm, even an non-branded alarm is better than nothing!, for an extra deterrent add a disc lock alarm.

  • Heavy Duty Chain and Padlock.
  • Search Youtube for motorcycle chain videos.
  • Install a T-bar security post.
  • Fit at-least a non-branded alarm to motorcycle.
  • Disc lock alarm.

CCTV Security Leicester

Finally for the outside of your home, front and back, our locksmith Leicester team will recommend to fit multiple CCTV cameras with motion sensors, there are quite a few different non-branded systems which will be suitable for on a budget, many CCTV systems can be found with discount from various sellers across the internet, take your time to read the specification, make sure it includes night vision. CCTV cameras will act as yet another extremely great deterrent.

Home Security Leicester

The Discount Locksmiths Leicester team will update the Home security tips. Please check back soon for more tips from the locksmith Leicester team!